Impact Prize 2017



FIGRA and Amnesty International France have joined forces to award the « Impact Prize ».
Images and testimonies are often vectors of change. This prize is awarded in recognition of the role it plays. The prize focuses on audiovisual works – social documentaries – that reveal situations of human rights violations, echoing those denounced by Amnesty International.
More specifically, the prize is designed to reward a film, which, subsequent to its diffusion, has brought tangible, positive and concrete changes to these situations and/or to the lives of the people shown.
Finally, it is a prize that highlights the commitment of writers and directors for their chosen subjects.

Accuracy : the impact of the film is measured from actual result from all nation and international organizations (state, city, UN, WTO, etc.) or any form of actions performed thanks to the film that resulted in notable changes in the situation described by the film. The reality of the impact must be proved and recognized officially.



The Impact Prize is open to all authors, directors, producers and broadcasters, to adults (18 and over), unrestricted sex or nationality with the exception of all those who collaborated to organize this prize and their families.

Works must have been produced after January, 1st, 2011 and will not take any advertising or propaganda nature.

Works registration at the Impact Prize is free.

Finalists will be judged by the International Jury at the presentation in the form of pitch in French to the jury that will award the « Impact Prize 2017 ». One prize will be awarded, a non-mandatory special mention may be awarded, ex-æquo are not accepted.